Research on Wellness Community

In my project, wellness community is our target group to sell the rock to, we found that these people mostly will have pleasure in nature, eat healthy food, not just their healthy physical health but also mental health, love peace. To be able to sell something or make them believe, we must know our target group first then research about them. We took reference from many post that we have seen the the wellness community hashtag.

We linked their wellness lifestyle to our rock by selling the idea that rock is the product of nature and every piece of them has their own characteristic, they are unique! The rock holds the power of nature that keeps you healthy both mental and physically also, helping keep calm like the water that flows in the river. Since most people in this community want to get close to nature as possible. So, by having their own rock around, it will help them to relax, calm down, and have peace of mind because it is the power from nature. The ideology is that they can always find the connection back to nature through the rock.

After finding some reference for this community, this the the colour scheme that we think it match well with both community and our rock.

For our rock, we named it “Mouri” which shortly for Mountain and river since at first we saw it, it physical appearance looks like it is from both mountain and river.